A Quick Check List for Local Shifting Services

A Quick Check-List for Local Shifting Services – 50 Days Shifting Plan

Are you also stuck on how to plan everything for shifting in a new house? Looking here and there in your own home, from where should I start? Well, we all know house shifting or relocation is a time-consuming task. You might need the help of professional packers and movers as well. It hardly matters whether you do it by yourself or by taking the Local Shifting Services.

To make sure you don’t miss out anything, we have prepared a quick timeline-based check-list to make your shifting hassle-free with Local Shifting Services.

General Tips before taking local shifting services

  1. Throw away not needed belongings
  2. Safely packing taking lots of time & patience
  3. Be ready for some extra spaced boxes

Around 50 Days Before Shifting

Notice to the landlord: If you are living on the rental accommodation, then it is necessary to give prior notice of shifting. Usually, leases require at least 40-60 days’ notice when moving out.

Research Local Shifting Services: The first thing is to figure out is how you want to move? Like will you do it yourself or prefer to hire professional packers and movers. This is everyone’s personal opinion while considering their budget.

Ask Quotes on moving: Usually, packers and movers charges around Rs.1,000 to Rs. 10,000 depending upon the distance for Local Shifting Services. Make sure to ask the cancellation policy, damage coverage, compensation clause and other hidden charges before hiring.

Around 30 Days Before Local Shifting Services

Finalize packers and movers: This is the time to book your professional movers. Contact at least 4-5 packers and ask for quotes on moving. Make sure to meet in -person or through video calls and ask every detail for the Local Shifting Services.

Start your packing: Begin your packing journey from the things you don’t frequently use like the home decor items, kid’s stuff, seasonal clothing etc. Keep a handy list of the valuable stuff or take the photo to remember, you need to carry them separately. Label everything properly and then again label on the boxes.

Inform important parties: Your important contacts should be aware of your shifting like banks, credit card companies, office colleagues, and relatives. Make sure to pay all your bills for local services like electricity, stores etc.

Around 15 Days Before Shifting

Office leaves: Plan how many days it will take for the packing in the last 7 days and ask for the leave from your boss. It will give more time to plan for the Local Shifting Services.

Update social network: You might have shared your location details on Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter or even in your resume. Update the new location on all your social media.

Around 07 Days Before Shifting

Pack your bags: One week left in your home shifting. Start packing your bags to that you can complete your household packing on time. Keep one bag ready for each member for the next 7 days necessary items like clothing, phone charger, medications (if any), food arrangements etc.

Disconnecting appliances: Large appliances like washing machines, refrigerator or gas lines need to be disconnected. If you need any help, then call the professional to help you out.

Around 05 Days Before Shifting

Take confirmations from movers: Call your packers and movers and double-check about their arrangements. Clear all the payment criteria, timings etc. How much advance do you need to pay more before initiating?

Ask for the representative’s direct number for the day of contact and confirm the home locations to them so, that you don’t have to face any trouble on the day of shifting.

Disassemble appliances: There is few furniture that needs to be dismantled for easy carrying. Place screws, brackets and other nails in a small plastic storage bag with proper labeling.

On The Day Of Shifting

Meet the movers: Now, you are finally going to say “GoodBye” to your old house. The packers and movers will handle the house shifting Services. However, make sure that all the representatives are from the company you have hired and note down the transportation details.

Supervise the loading: Ask someone from your family or reliable person to keep an eye on loading the belongings. Here you should take care of the precious and valuables like diamond, gold, jewellery, important documents with yourself.

Don’t let the movers load it with the other heavy home appliances. At last, check at least 5 times that you haven’t left anything before leaving your old house. Lock the doors and turn off the electricity.

Don’t Pack During Home Shifting:

Here are the few things that you should keep the off truck during Local Shifting Services:

  • Important documents (e.g., license, birth certificates, bank statements)
  • Credit cards
  • Medication
  • Phone, Laptop, and charger
  • Snacks and water (for kids and pets)
  • Jewelery
  • Cash

Conclusion about Local Shifting Services

Follow the above check-list before relocation. An adequately created home shifting check-list and coordination with Local Shifting Services providers can help you to track everything. If you have faced any other problem during shifting, share your experiences in the comments.

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