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Bring Happiness Home – A Complete Guide on Vastu Shastra for Your New Home!

A house essentially is just 4 walls and a roof. For it to become a home, it needs to radiate the perfect kind of vibe energy. According to Indian beliefs, every home has a certain energy attributed exclusively to them. What Vastu Shastra does is that it helps you to tap into that energy, making the best benefit of it. A fully Vastu based house can bring you happiness, a calm and serene life, a successful career, and more.

Designed to fill your house with positivity and good vibes, “Vastu Shastra” however can be a difficult subject to undertake & implement. To help, we have put together a short guide on this life-enhancing art & how to use it.

Keep reading to ensure a healthy, happy and positive abode for yourself and your family – as millions have already done;

The Art Of Vastu shastra – What is Vastu Shastra? (Definition)

For those who don’t know, Vastu Shastra is an ancient architectural science describing the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground, space and spatial managements to help you in constructing the best home or building where you can live better, earn more, be healthier, achieve success & prosperity.

Vastu Shastra is based on the Hindu 5-Element principle known as the “Punchabhootas” namely air, water, fire, earth, and space. According to “Vastu Shastra”, every part of a house (or the world possibly itself) connects to one or more of these elements. Next, there are the directions. There are 8 different directions in total, and they all stand for eight particular things in life, like god, demon, water, air, fire, etc… In a Vastu Shastra based home, all these elements & directions will be complementing each other, providing a “life=energy” balance.

The result? The individual who’s gonna live in that home will get to enjoy a calm, more peaceful, and successful life. No evil shall touch them. Instead, positive energy and vibes will stay with them, bringing happiness & harmony.

Vastu Shastra for Home – A Room By Room Guide on Vastu Shastra (details and tips)

Simply put: Vastu Shastra is a set of instructions on how to build or customize a place so that the tenant can enjoy a better life.

Here’s a brief Vastu Shastra guide on a per room basis;

1) Vastu Shastra for Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every household – the source of our daylong energy. Being such of importance, it’s key that a kitchen needs to be built or adjusted to the art of Vastu Shastra as this can ensure positivity for all.
According to Vastu, the lord of fire – Agni – lives in the southeast direction, which means that it is the ideal direction to build your home’s kitchen. To ensure positive vibes, adjust the kitchen so an individual will be facing east while cooking. Fire and water are opposing elements. Therefore, never place your sink & fire stove or cylinder on the same platform as this can cause negativity & unintentional fights.
Another thing to note is the water tank placement. Avoid keeping it within the kitchen. Instead, move it to the western side. Likewise, the fridge needs to be on the south-vest direction. The same also goes for grains & pantries.
Finally, avoid painting the kitchen black. Instead, opt for vibrant colors like yellow, rose, red, orange, or brown to invite positivity.

2) Master Bed Room Vastu Shastra

After a long day of work, the master bedroom is where you come into sleep and rejuvenate yourself for the next day. Clearly, it’s important to keep it Vastu-ready as doing so can help you wake up refreshed & full of positivity.
As for its placement, it should be on the south-wet corner of the home. It should be in a place that is full of light, air & away from the sounds. Never place the bed exactly opposite to the door. It’s advised to sleep with your head towards the south or east direction. make sure that there’s no beam crossing over the bed. If you keep a wardrobe or cabinet in the bedroom, make sure its kept in south, south-west or west sides as its more auspicious. With mirrors, it’s not advised to keep them facing the bed.
To get sound sleep, its best to avoid electronic gadgets and TV’s in the bedroom, since these send out bad energies. That said; if you DO decide to install a TV, make sure that they are facing the southeast direction.
When painting, make sure to avoid overly bright colors. Use muted palettes like rosy pink, green, or purple, white, red, etc…

3) Living Room/Central Hall Vastu Shastra

Being a social animal, humans need a place like a living room – a place where we can live, relax, socialize with people & spend quality family time. Keeping it Vastu ready can, therefore, help you get the best life possible
For starters, a living room should be on the east or north direction, with the latter being a lot auspicious. Make sure there is plenty of light & ample airflow. Placements are especially key for the living room items. The main door should be on the north, northeast, or east side as it will invite success to your home. Keep the TV in the southeast direction, the sofa against north or east walls, and AC on the west side.
Keep the room clean, hang paintings and if possible, go for an aquarium and keep fresh flowers atop a table, as it will bring positive energy. In Vastu Shastra circular furniture is a big no-no. Yes to a fireplace, chandelier, etc…

4) Pooja Room Vastu Shastra

Perhaps the most sacred place in your home, a pooja room should be one that oozes a positive, god aura & blesses anyone who enters it. According to Vastu Shastra, Pooja rooms should be able to harness a variety of energy.
Northeast is the ideal location for your pooja room followed by east and north. Avoid basements & don’t place it near the kitchen or bathroom. A low ceiling is advised, and a two-door entry is recommended too if space allows it. Make sure you place the idol centered and at least 6 inches away from the wall. Storing the sacred items, books & jewelry should be kept on the southeast direction with nothing above the idol.
Create a meditative atmosphere. Avoid using overly bright lights and dark paints. Instead, opt for a mostly light palette. If it’s possible, floor the room with marble. Make sure to use Diya’s in a northeast direction.

Vastu Shastra House Plans – Planning & Building a Home “Vastu Shastra” Style

Whether you are building a new house or is planning to buy one, the direction to which it faces can make a lot of difference Vastu Shastra-wise. Get it right, and you can enjoy success, calmness, prosperity, etc… get it wrong, well… it can get problematic
Generally, south and north are the most popular directions for new homes. Below, we’ll elaborate more about its Vastu details;

South Facing House Vastu Shastra – Explained

While buyers tend not to favor south-facing houses, that doesn’t mean such a house can’t be made auspicious and positive.
Here are a few easy Vastu tips for it;
Tip1 – position the main door to the center of south. This is done so that the energies of the structure line up. Do note that should be the largest door in the house. Importantly, avoid building a door to the right of the center as its very inauspicious.
Tip2 – have the master bedroom in the southwest, as it can help create a positive energy & can help you relax better. For all other bedrooms, including your kids, you’ve more options, south, west, north-west…
Tip3 – when planning a kitchen, make it so that the cooking is done east (for southeast kitchen) or west (for north-west kitchen). Whatever you do, never place your kitchen in the southwest direction, as its highly inauspicious.

South Facing House Vastu – What to Avoid

• Avoid having anything related to water like a pump, bore-well, etc… in the southwest corner
• Avoid a plot that slopes from north to south
• Avoid car parking on the south side
• Avoid having more open space in the south than the north side
• No kitchen in south-west

North Facing House Vastu Shastra – Explained

The popular of the 2, having a house facing north is considered highly auspicious. That doesn’t mean its Vastu can’t be improved though
Here are some Vastu tricks to help you do it;
Tip1 – as a rule of thumb, make walls in the north and east directions slightly shorter & thinner than it is on the south & west side. This can help gather positive energy and also help make the house seem more spacious.
Tip2 – make sure the kitchen is in Southeast or northwest. Plan them just so you will be able to cook facing east (in SE kitchen) and west (in NW kitchen) while you’re in there. Likewise, plan living & pooja rooms north-east corner.
Tip3 – if you are putting a freshwater tank, the northeast position of the house is perfect for it. The same also goes for gardens & flowerbeds. It’s also is a good idea to have a lot of windows on the northern side as per Vastu.

North Facing House Vastu – What to Avoid

• Avoid having a toilet or septic tank near the northeast corner, as it is highly (like very) inauspicious
• Avoid having big trees on the northern side of the house
• Avoid plots that slopes north to south
• Avoid having clutter, dirt, dustbins, etc… towards north and northeast
• No staircase in the north side

Vastu Shastra For Shop – Give your Business a “Vastu” Boost Today!

Till now, we saw how Vastu Shastra affects a home and all the ways to improve it. But alas, that’s not the only place we live our daily lives in. in fact, we spend far more time at our shops or business offices than we do at home.
Needless to say, it’s important you get your workplace too Vastu compatible. Here are 4 easy ways to do it:
1) According to Vastu Shastra, the shops need to perfectly symmetrical, either square or rectangular. Avoid rounded or any irregular designs, the front side needs to be wider than the rear. Otherwise, the profits will be irregular.
2) The entrance should be clean, clutter-free, and welcoming. There shouldn’t be any water drain on the front, as it will stop positive energy.
3) To amass success, the owner needs to sit within the shop facing east or north – never sit south or west as it will lead to issues. The cashier, on the other hand, can sit facing either south or east direction for best results.
4) To help attract positive energy, hang godly symbols like swastika’s, “Om” or calendars with write-ups like “Shubh-Labh” or “Riddhi-Siddhi”. This help attract wealth and keep negative energy effectively away
Begin your day by lighting a lamp and praying to god.

Enjoy Success with Vastu Shastra – The Conclusion

In India, almost everyone looks into a number of things before investing in a home – the overall cost, the size, and of course, its Vastu compliance. By ensuring your home is Vastu ready, you’ll find success, happiness, and love reigning in your home. Your home will become a “paradise” – a place worth coming back to every night!
Spiritually, physically, and psychologically, the Art of Vastu Shastra helps the user get the best out of their abode. One can take advantage of Vastu Shastra in many ways. The top tricks we’ve conveniently shared above are the most prominent ones. Even by changing a tiny part of your home to suit Vastu Shastra, you can enjoy a huge difference. Invite god’s blessings and positive vibes through Vastu Shastra – it really works!
To ensure you get the best Vastu results possible, do make sure to consult a reputable Vedic astrologer before making drastic changes to your home – this is key as each home is different and so Vastu too will differ.

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